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Happy Workers' Day! 2022

Greetings dear compatriots,
The history of Workers Day emancipation is significant in both National and International occurrences and development. This has culminated into both the recognition and celebration of Labor or Workers' Day in several regions of the World. Our Country of origin, Nigeria is not an exception.

Today, May 1st, year 2022 is another Worker's Day in Nigeria and elsewhere in the World. An important aspect of this day is the fact that the wealth of Nations is practically impossible without the impact of its labor force. Workers' Day Celebrations today is also a testament to the struggles into the future, as it pertains to the service to Humanity.
We stand in solidarity with all who labor, as the words of the Nigerian National anthem reminds us, "the labor of our heroes past shall never be in vain." May the Workers not labor in vain!
Happy Workers' Day!
NIDOA DC Chapter

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