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The BOT Trustees and other NIDOA Officers paid a courtesy visit to the Ambassador in Washington, DC on Monday, August 16,2021.

Nidoa-DC President with new Nigeria Ambassador.jpg

The meet and greet visit was to lay a foundation for future interactions between the Embassy and NIDOA on how NIDOA can synergize with the Embassy to map out the best ways to harness the full potential of the Nigerian Diaspora in the USA.

The Ambassador in her address welcomed the opportunity to work closely with NIDOA and she announced that Minister Peter O. Edako is the Embassy’s designated NIDOA officer. She asked for a clarification of the NIDOA structure and hierarchy as specified in the Bylaws and the Trustees obliged her. She stated her willingness to work closely with NIDOA to the extent that she would advise other Nigerian organizations to first register with NIDOA before seeking support from the Embassy.

She acknowledged many concerns that have been expressed about the inadequacies at the Embassy, such as people calling the Embassy and no one answering the calls or calls to the Embassy not being returned, passport or intervention exercise, lack of communication with the Embassy. She promised to address the issues in a timely manner.

She also raised the  factional issue within the NIDOA family as an urgent matter that must be addressed to see a United NIDOA that the Embassy can work with.

Chairman Monago assured her Excellency that NIDOA stands ready to work with Her Excellency and the Embassy whenever there is a need on any issue of mutual significance and interest.

BOT Trustees and other NIDOA Officers with new Nigeria Ambassador2.jpg
BOT Trustees and other NIDOA Officers with new Nigeria Ambassador.jpg
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